The Champagne Hangover is a refreshing taste of rock n roll in music city. Never holding back and always entertaining, a show that no one wants to miss.  If rock n roll had a face, it would be The Champagne Hangover. This band allows Nashville some nostalgia as it hears the infusion of pop rock and southern rock. Just as brilliant as this blending of genres is their performance; one that will leave the audience wanting more. 
Releasing the e.p. bedroom diaries in 2014, frontman Ryan Scarbrough proves himself to be a Jack-of-all-trades. Though his specialty and main passion in life is drumming, Ryan also plays guitar, bass, as well as recording all of his own vocals.  
His determination, enthusiasm, and sheer talent for playing the drums was noticed by long time friend, Kyle Cook, guitarist for Matchbox Twenty. Kyle immediately saw the potential and within a week placed Ryan as the drummer for one of the bands he was producing. After traveling all over the country, being featured on Conan, Good Morning America, and Jay Leno, he played for multiple bands as well as starting a few bands of his own. After a few years of touring with the country/rock band A Thousand Horses, Ryan has finally settled in Nashville, TN, referring to this city as his home and focusing on T.C.H., recruiting band members Derek Hanson for drums, longtime friend and lead guitarist Daniel DeMonico, and Thomas Banks for bass guitar. "I realized quickly after coming off the road to pursue my own thing I needed a band, it takes more than just one person to make a show happen", says Scarbrough. 
Chances are you have seen Ryan playing in a cover band in downtown Nashville at a bar where you felt compelled to stay and listen, as his ability to engage the audience from behind his drum set is undeniable. From southern roots, with a heavy classic rock influence, The Champagne Hangover is exactly what music needs.

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